Terms of Service

1. Definitions

Terms in Japan Tomorrow’s Terms of Service (the “Terms”) are defined in the following ways:

  1. “Our Company,” “We,” and “Our” refer to MATCHA, Inc.;
  2. This “Service” is a purchasable crowdfunding and e-commerce service run by Our Company collectively called Japan Tomorrow;
  3. A “User” is an individual that signs up and is authorized by Our Company to use this Service;
  4. “Applicants” are individuals that intend to become a new User;
  5. “Purchasers” are Users that have purchased a product from a Seller through this Service;
  6. A “Seller” is an organization and/or corporation that designs Projects and sells to Purchasers through this Service;
  7. A “Project” is a plan or proposal designed by the Seller and uploaded to this Service;
  8. “Products” refer to manufactured goods, rewards, services, and/or events offered to Purchasers for the Project by the Seller;
  9. “Product Price” is the value of the Product;
  10. A “Project Page” is a special page for the project that contains details, funding deadlines, Product Price(s), Products, and other related information;
  11. “Registration Data” is personal data related to the User and/or Applicant registered to use this Service such as names, physical addresses, and email addresses;
  12. “Authentication Data” is Registration Data needed by Our Company to authenticate the User’s use of the Service, such as ID and password.


2. Application of Terms

  1. The Terms aim to establish conditions regarding use of this service between Our Company, Applicants, Users, and Purchasers (collectively “Users”) and applies to all relevant uses of the Service between Our Company and Users. If using this Service, please ensure that you read and agree to these Terms.
  2. We may post conditions regarding use of this Service separate from the Terms on Our website or by email. In this case, the relevant terms of use are a part of these Terms, and take priority when applied when provisions are different between the relevant terms of use and the Terms.
  3. Even when either clauses or a portion of the Terms are deemed invalid or unable to be executed by law, the remaining provisions as well as a part of the Terms that remain valid shall continue to remain in effect.


3. User Registration

  1. Applicants apply to use this Service with Our designated process and shall enter a user agreement for this Service when consented by Our Company.
  2. We may not consent to use of the Service for the following cases. Reasons behind our decision to not consent will not be disclosed to the Applicant. Additionally, the Applicant may not state their objections to the results of our decision.
    1. If the Applicant does not exist;
    2. If the Applicant is unable to be contacted through their registered physical address, phone number, or email address;
    3. If it is identified that their Registration Data contains misinformation or similarly inaccurate information;
    4. If the Applicant is suspended from use of services run by Our Company or applicable affiliated companies due to violation of the Terms;
    5. If you interfere with the implementation or technical aspect of Our business operations;
    6. If you are otherwise deemed ineligible by Our Company.
  3. Applicants under the age of 18 shall apply to this Service with the consent of a legal guardian.


4. Project Types

There are three project types: “All or Nothing” offers rewards on the condition that the goal amount is reached, “Keep it All” is similar but does not require the goal to be reached, as well as “E-commerce” with the main objective of selling a Product. Please review the respective content of each type in Project Types.


5. Purchasing Products

  1. Users are able to purchase Products from Project Pages on this Service. Purchasing requires the use of Authentication Information to log into this Service. Please review the help section for the entire process from purchase to receipt of the Product.
  2. Conditions for product purchase are detailed on the Project Page. Please purchase only after carefully reading the Project Page. An order confirmation will be sent by email after you finish the purchasing and payment process.
  3. When purchasing a product of an All or Nothing project before the goal has been met, payment occurs when the project’s goal is reached. When purchasing a product of an All or Nothing project after the goal has been met, the payment will be processed at the time of purchase. Payment of products of Keep it All as well as E-commerce projects also occurs at the time the User makes a purchase.
  4. Product Price(s) shown on Product Pages include consumption tax and shipping. No other expenses will occur outside of the Product Price(s) listed on the Project Page for receipt of the Product.
  5. If payment of the Product Price is not completed by the Purchaser, then We have the right to rescind the product sales agreement in place of the Seller.
  6. The Purchaser has paid the Product Price to the Seller by completing payment of the Product Price to Our Company.


6.Contractual Agreement Between Users and Our Company

  1. This Service is a rewards-based crowdfunding and E-commerce service provided by Our Company as a market for product purchasing to Users. A product sales agreement is formed with the Seller as the vendor and Purchaser as the purchaser upon purchase of the Product. However, for All or Nothing projects, project fulfillment will be the effective requirement of the relevant sales agreement.
  2. We may receive the Product Price from the Purchaser for the Seller, but We are not the relevant party in the sales agreement.
  3. If issues arise regarding product fulfillment, delivery, quality, refund, and anything in the sales agreement between the Seller and Purchaser, the Seller is solely responsible and Our Company does not bear any liability.


7. Entrustment of Payment and Settlement

  1. We entrust Relic, Inc. (hereafter “Relic”) to provide the base system of this Service to process payments for Product Price. Relic utilizes payment processing services from the following payment processor (hereafter “All Payment Processors”) according to each payment method. We will disclose and provide All Payment Processors with the necessary information for payment according to payment methods such as credit card information provided to Our Company by the Purchaser. We shall appropriately handle the information needed for payment received from the Purchaser under the Privacy Policy found on this Service.
    • Debit and Credit Card Payments
    • Stripe, Inc.
  2. Purchasers agree to the disclosure and provision of necessary information by Our Company to the Payment Processor for the processing of payment of the Product Price by the Payment Processor and such payments.
  3. Information required for payment that the Purchaser registered for payment of the Product Price shall be retained by the Payment Processor. Our Company and Relic will not retain this information. We may retain data for the reasons and details indicated in our Privacy Policy.


8. Cancelling Your Purchase

The Purchaser is able to cancel a purchase after confirmation as long as they meet all of the following requirements. Please contact us via our inquiry form for cancellation.

  1. The purchase you wish to cancel is for an All or Nothing Project;
  2. The Project’s goal has not been fulfilled at the time of cancellation;
  3. There are over eight days remaining until the project’s funding deadline at the time of cancellation. * Please confirm on the Project Page for the remaining time left on a Project.


9. Receiving a Product

The time required until the Product will be offered is stated on the Project Page. Please confirm on the Project Page.


10. Termination of Service

  1. When the User ends use of this Service, the User will follow the withdrawal process designated by Our Company and will withdraw as a User upon confirmation by Our Company.
  2. We may retain information for storage as required by law such as billing history for Product Price(s) to the User from use of this Service, even once the User has withdrawn from the Service.


11. User Support

  1. Questions about the Service are accepted through the inquiry page provided by this Service, including all replies and further questions. We do not take inquiries by phone.
  2. We cannot accommodate requests or answer questions related to personal data protection when addressing inquiries on Authentication Data, changes, and requests for termination. We are unable to respond to password inquiries even from the User themselves, due to encrypted password management. If you have forgotten your password, click on the login button, then click on “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the page to be brought to the password reset screen. Follow the instructions on the screen to continue with the reset process.
  3. We are not responsible for any unsent emails, delays, corrupted text, or duplicated emails sent to the User. Additionally, We will not re-send the emails in question if the User deletes and/or misplaces the emails received.


12. Authentication Data Management

  1. The User shall manage their Authentication Data at their own risk. Direct use and all indirect use of this Service that includes Authentication Data is the sole responsibility of the User.
  2. We bear no responsibility for the features and quality of service when a single set of authentication data is used by multiple parties, or when multiple sets of Authentication Data are used on a single device.


13. Registration Data

  1. We handle Registration Data according to the Privacy Policy of this Service.
  2. Registration Data will be deleted after the appropriate period of time has passed as deemed by law when the User withdraws or is suspended from use of this Service.
  3. Users agree to promptly notify Our Company of any changes to Registration Data with the designated process. The process, however, may require several days after filing until the applicable changes come into effect.
  4. We are not liable for any disadvantages the User is subject to due to the interval before notification or negligence to report the preceding clause.


14. Prohibited Conduct

  1. The User may not transfer, assign, or offer as security their position, rights, and/or obligations in these Terms, in whole or in part, to a third-party without the prior written consent of Our Company.
  2. The User shall not commit any of the following actions when using this Service.
    1. Infringing or possibly infringing the rights of Our Company and others;
    2. Discrimination and/or malicious slander against others, and the defamation of one’s reputation;
    3. The use of this Service on behalf of a third party;
    4. Using or preparing to use the Service with the motive of business activities or profit;
    5. Crimes such as fraud and other relevant criminal offences;
    6. The redistribution, leasing, or sale of this Service to another party without the expressed consent of Our Company;
    7. The collection of another party’s personal data without their consent or collection through deceptive means;
    8. Interference with the use and/or workings of the equipment of another party or this Service (communication facilities, networks, computers, hardware, and software prepared by Our Company to provide this Service, the same shall apply hereafter in the Terms);
    9. The use of malfunctions and barriers in this Service with illicit purposes, and distributing them to others;
    10. Obstructing the workings of this Service, defaming the reputation of Our Company, infringing against our intellectual property, and/or causing disadvantages and losses to another party or Our Company;
    11. Violation of the law, these Terms, or the public order; or
    12. Actions that are otherwise deemed inappropriate by Our Company.
  3. The User is not permitted to use contents or details from this Service, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes (to use, reproduce, duplicate, store, re-format, sale, resale, or otherwise exploit in any manner).


15.Our Intellectual Property

  1. All content and other intellectual properties of this Service are owned by Our Company or other parties with valid rights, such as Sellers.
  2. Users agree to not reproduce, disclose, mail, distribute, transfer, lease, translate, adapt, license, redistribute, or reuse this Service, software, and any content (in whole or in part) without receiving prior written consent from Our Company or the Seller.
  3. If the User violates the preceding clause, the User gives their prior consent to Our Company’s right to charge them with the equivalent amount to profits gained according to Our Company’s right to halt the aforementioned violation and conduct.


16. Suspension

  1. We reserve the right to suspend the User’s account or withdraw them from this Service with or without prior notice if the User is found to meet any of the following items (collectively “Measures for Suspension”).
    1. If a claim or charge from a third party is filed to Our Company in connection to use of the Service by the User and We deem suspension to be necessary;
    2. If the User is unable to be contacted by phone number, FAX, or email;
    3. If a package addressed to the User is sent back to Our Company or the Seller;
    4. If the User suspends or is incapable of payment;
    5. If the User violates Article 14 (Prohibited Conduct) or is found by Our Company to have committed a possible violation;
    6. If, excluding the preceding item, the Terms are violated in any way and, following notification by Our Company to rectify such violations, it is not rectified in a reasonable timeframe;
    7. If the Service has not been used after a certain amount of time; or
    8. If We otherwise deemed Measures for Suspension to be necessary.
  2. We will not accept any questions and/or objections regarding Our Company’s Measures for Suspension taken towards the User.
  3. When Measures for Suspension have been taken, the User will lose benefit of time and shall indemnify all and any debt and liabilities owed to Our Company at that point in time.
  4. We reserve the right to charge the applicable User with compensation for sustained losses when the User violates Article 14 (Prohibited Conduct) or a loss is sustained due to any items in Clause 1 of this Article.
  5. We bear no liability to the User, even if they have sustained a loss due to Measures for Suspension taken by Our Company.


17. Changes and Cancellation of Service

We may make changes, suspend, or cancel (terminate) this Service, in whole or in part, without prior notice to the User. System maintenance and events caused by natural disasters are also included in changes, suspension, and cancellation (termination).


18. Disclaimers and Indemnity

  1. The Seller bears sole responsibility to the User in regards to Project content, details published on the Project Page, and the handling of personal data (the “Project Content”). Please contact the Seller directly for details regarding the Project Content. Our Company does not guarantee that the Project Content will have authenticity, accuracy, novelty, usefulness, credibility, legitimacy, and that it will not violate third party rights.
  2. The User will bear the responsibility and cost to settle disputes between them and others that arise from use of this Service.
  3. We may file a damage claim to the applicable User if We receive any damages arising from the User’s use of the Service.
  4. Our Company will only be liable for ordinary losses directly sustained by the User when they are caused a loss attributable to Our Company in providing this Service; or from an intentional act or gross negligence by Our Company.


19. Modifications to this Terms of Use Agreement

  1. We may add, change, or delete (hereafter “Modifications” in this Article) these Terms at any time without the consent of the User when deemed necessary. Users accept any changes by Our Company to these Terms and the terms of use of this Service according to these Terms following the Modifications.
  2. We will notify Users prior to changes in the Terms going into effect, as detailed in the preceding clause, through appropriate means such as posts on this Service or by email. This, however, does not apply to insignificant changes that are deemed logically by Our Company to not cause considerable disadvantages to the User.
  3. Changes in the Terms will go into effect when posted on this Service or sent by email unless prescribed separately by Our Company.


20. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The relationship between Our Company and the User shall be subject to an exclusive agreement under the jurisdiction of first instance by the Tokyo District Court when a lawsuit is necessary from or in connection to the Terms. Applicable laws related to these Terms are regarded as Japanese law.