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Tasty Matcha Green Tea Drinks and Sweets for an Energy Boost

Matcha green tea has a refreshing taste and energizing effects. Enjoy flavorful organic beverages and green tea sweets from Japan with THE MATCHA TOKYO's products!

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Matcha Green Tea, a Japanese Superfood

Matcha green tea is well-known for its exquisite flavor and energy-boosting effects. This iconic drink is usually served at Japanese tea ceremonies. 

THE MATCHA TOKYO, however, wants to bring this delicious beverage closer to our modern lifestyles. They devised ways for everyone to enjoy matcha more casually.

Moreover, THE MATCHA TOKYO cultivates green tea through 100% organic farming. The cultivation process is more painstaking but the result is truly fragrant, delicious matcha tea.

For a limited time only, the incredibly tasty matcha shakes, matcha lattes, and sweets made with organic green tea by THE MATCHA TOKYO can be ordered online from this page! 

① 100% Organic Matcha: 7 Stick-Type Packages

The high-quality organic green powder that THE MATCHA TOKYO takes pride in comes in a set of seven stick-type single-serving packages. The sticks contain matcha powder and nothing else, which means that you can fully enjoy the delicious flavor of authentic matcha green tea. 

To prepare your drink, just mix the content of a package with water, shake, and it’s ready! 

The reward includes an original Japanese hand towel with a motif inspired by the stone hand mill used to grind matcha tea leaves into powder. This towel is available exclusively in the frame of THE MATCHA TOKYO’s crowdfunding project!

② 100% Organic Matcha, Special Bottle, and Hand Towel Set

7 stick-type packages of organic matcha tea come together with a stylish, reusable bottle. Use this bottle to prepare your matcha shake! The bottle is easy to carry around during a workout session in the morning, at work, or at school. 

The beautiful Japanese hand towel with tea grinding hand mill motifs is also included.

③ Delicious Matcha Latte and Sweets Set

If you crave Japanese sweets, then this reward is for you! The set consists of an assortment of sweets made with organic green tea: fragrant matcha-flavored sponge cake, pecan nuts covered in green tea chocolate, and matcha milk jam! 

The jam can be enjoyed over bread, mixed with hot milk, or eaten as is, like a caramel candy.

The reward includes a package of delicious matcha latte (5 servings). With a perfect flavor balance of matcha green tea, milk, and sugar, this is one of the most popular drinks at THE MATCHA TOKYO shops. 

④ Matchai Protein, Gluten-free Cookies, and Reusable Bottle Set

Do you love to exercise? Help your muscles recover after a workout with the Matchai Protein drink! This is a chai-flavored protein powder mixed with tasty, high-quality green tea and spices. 

The set includes a special reusable bottle that is ideal for matcha shakes, as well as gluten-free, protein-mixed matcha cookies.

⑤ Matcha Zen Set

Have you ever wanted to enjoy authentic Japanese matcha tea at home? All you need is green tea powder, a tea bowl, and a bamboo tea whisk. 

The Matcha Zen Set includes seven stick-type single-serving packages of organic matcha, as well as a Japanese ceramic bowl and a bamboo tea whisk. The tea bowls are made by skillful potters from Ibaraki. The tea whisk, made from rare black bamboo, is a traditional craft of Nara. Please note that each bowl and tea whisk is unique, as they are all handmade.

⑥ Beautiful Hand Towel and Brand Support for THE MATCHA TOKYO

If you want to support THE MATCHA TOKYO’s endeavors to cultivate 100% organic green, consider choosing this reward. Your name will be mentioned with thanks on THE MATCHA TOKYO’s website and you will receive the beautiful hand towel with tea grinding mill motifs created for this project.

Read on to learn why organic matcha is so rare, so special, and why is so hard to cultivate.

Organic Tea Farming

THE MATCHA TOKYO employs a user-friendly system so that more people can easily access our products. We also employ organic farming, which requires time and a lot of work. 

The Features of Authentic Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a type of green tea. The leaves of the tea tree are steamed, dried, and then ground using a stone mill.

Tea trees meant for making matcha are grown in the shade. Protecting the trees from sunlight contributes to their rich flavor and heightened nutritional content. Moreover, the veins are removed from the leaves before they’re processed. This makes matcha tea leaves truly unique.

Sadly, however, not all the matcha leaves available on the market meet this standard.

Organic Matcha

Matcha, like all crops, must be grown in a fertilized, pest-free environment. Organic matcha relies on rich soil and natural techniques rather than agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers.

While organic farming is an arduous endeavor, we employ this method to create truly sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Our Matcha Products: What Makes Them Special

Our company produces high-quality matcha, employing a unique style of farming and carefully selected tea leaves. Here the features that make our products so flavorful:

1. Clean Water

As irrigation is essential in tea farming, The Matcha Tokyo uses fresh spring water.

2. Rich Soil

The soil is soft, free of chemical fertilizers, and full of beneficial bacteria.

3. The Location

Our tea farm is located in a remote area, limiting outside influences.

4. The One-and-Only Blending

We have developed an original method of blending our carefully grown leaves before skillfully grinding them.

We aim to deliver matcha to people all around the world in an open and friendly style.

Our company is based in Tokyo, not in a place known for its tea production, as we believe that a metropolis with a deep cultural history offers more opportunities. 

Matcha is a delicious drink, with unlimited possibilities. Now, we have created a plan to deliver it worldwide!

The Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Green tea, a Japanese superfood, contains a variety of nutritional elements. The following are three major features of matcha green tea:

1. Supporting Brain Health

Many people are becoming weary of smartphones and social media, as they are flooded by advertisements and stressful news.

This extended screen time may affect us more than we realize.

Matcha green tea contains a large amount of theanine and catechin, which enhance brain power.  

For those who want to heighten the quality of their study or work and keep a sharp mind, matcha could be the ideal morning beverage. 

2. Assisting Mental Health

Tea has a relaxing effect. One of the reasons for this is its theanine content.

Matcha is made with ground tea leaves, so its theanine content is very high. Tea helps us sleep better, and lessens fatigue. It’s the best way to start the day at ease!

Matcha has been an integral part of Japanese tea ceremony and is thus associated with the spirit of Zen, which focuses on attaining inner equilibrium. This is also in tune with the contemporary mental health movement. 

3. Probiotic Elements

Probiotic bacteria have become a common concern, as more people are interested in the state of their intestinal flora. The health of our intestines is extremely important, as they directly support the nervous system.

Matcha helps improve the balance of probiotic bacteria, which makes it an ideal drink to consume in the morning. 

THE MATCHA TOKYO: Green Tea Beverages for Every Lifestyle

THE MATCHA TOKYO manages shops located in Omotesando, NEWoMan Shinjuku, and LUCUA Osaka. Our matcha tea products have been featured in international media outlets!

The goal of our crowdfunding project is to promote and support organic farming, and to deliver high-quality matcha to people all around the world. 

THE MATCHA TOKYO's Crowdfunding Project

THE MATCHA TOKYO was founded to deliver matcha of the highest quality from Tokyo to the world.

Dreams can overcome boundaries. This motto of Japan Tomorrow resonated with our vision, especially at a time when international travel is limited. 

By launching this project, we can deliver matcha made from organically grown tea leaves, which can lessen daily stress, to people worldwide.  

We have prepared six rewards, including some new products, so please take a look! 

To those who back this project and those who support our company, we thank you very much.