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Kagoshima Tea - Premium Japanese Tea to the World

Kagoshima Prefecture is the second leading producer of Japanese green tea. Each delicious cupful provides an abundance of proven health benefits. Please experience the superior quality and taste of our selection of green tea bags, loose leaf green teas, and green tea powders which are quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Kagoshima green tea is a splendid choice.

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Premium Kagoshima Tea to the World


Kagoshima Prefecture is the second leading producer of Japanese green tea. Yet, quality tea is not available around the world. 

The volcanic soil of Kaoghima makes one of the most flavorful teas in Japan. 

We are here to share and save the culture and tea farms that produce wonderful flavors.

In addition to the challenging time we are in right now, there are few challenges to the tea farms:

  • Younger populations in Japan are not drinking tea as much as elder generations making the tea industry hard to survive in Japan. (There is a Japanese term called "Chabanare"茶離れ which describes this phenomenon.)
  • Younger populations in Japan are not willing to work on a tea farm
  • Competitions around the world with lower labor cost to produce low-cost tea

Try the flavor of tradition and save and support the legacy of tea farms in Kagoshima, Japan

Message from Kei, the Owner of KagoshimaTea 

Hi! Nice to "meet" you!

My name is Kei Nishida. I am the owner of KagoshimaTea and Japanese Green Tea Co.  

I am very happy to be part of Japan Tomorrow's project to have a chance to introduce my favorite Japanese tea from Kagoshima. 

Let me explain just a bit about myself. 

I came to the USA when I was 14 years old from Japan, and I met so many people who love Japan throughout my time living abroad.  The beauty of Japanese culture and art, which I was never interested in when I was living in Japan, all of a sudden become something to be proud of as a Japanese kid who lived abroad.  Japanese food was also something I was proud of and also missed living outside of Japan.

Most of all, I missed Japanese tea.

Especially sencha green tea.

Green tea was something I drunk every day back home, but surprisingly the tea available outside Japan is simply not the same. Quality was not of consideration.

If you visited or lived in Japan, you know what I mean. 

I’m not the only one who’s noticed what difference high-quality tea can make. Every time I went back to Japan, people asked me to bring them the same tea back.

My "friends" who want high-quality tea from Japan grew overtime, and now we own three Japanese Tea Brands; KagoshimaTea you see here is one of my favorites, and I am pretty sure you will enjoy the amazing taste you cannot find outside Japan. 

I sincerely hope you get to try the best of what Japan can offer.  Thank you very much for considering to try the tea.

With love and gratitude, 

Kei Nishida
Owner, Japanese Green Tea Co., KagoshimaTea


What We Need & What You Get

By pledging, you get our premium tea and support Kagoshima tea farms and preserve the culture.

Organic Premium Gyokuro, Loose Leaf

Premium gyokuro grew and shaded in a single estate organic farm in Kagoshima. 

Gyokuro is admired as the highest grade of Japanese green tea. Its leaves are grown in the shade for twenty days before being expertly picked by hand. Then they are immediately steamed, dried and carefully rolled into distinctive shapes resembling pine needles. Gyokuro is harvested only once a year in the early spring. The delicate flavor and slightly sweet aftertaste make Gyokuro the choice of green-tea connoisseurs.

Kagoshima Sencha Green Tea Bags - Hot or Cold Brewing

We recommend this product for those who desire excellent tasting Japanese green tea without brewing loose leaf green tea leaves. The first infusion results in a very smooth, mellow, slightly sweet-tasting liquid that never becomes bitter. It also offers a very unique slightly roasted odor and after taste. The second steeping is milder and less complex than the first but still very satisfying. The outer resealable package is made of heavy-duty foil which ensures product freshness. We are confident you will like this product so we guarantee your satisfaction.

Our highly regarded supplier from the Shibushi area of Kagoshima Prefecture is one of the few in all of Japan that harvests from its own tea fields and operates its own factory. The entire tea making process is expertly managed from start to finish.


All Pledge Recieve Kei Nishida's Published Book About Tea (English - Digital Copy)

More About Kagoshima Tea


Presently the Yabukita cultivar represents 41% of total tea production in Kagoshima compared to a national proportion of 76%.

Yabukita production is smaller in Kagoshima Prefecture due to the fact that an astounding variety of new camellia sinenses cultivars have been developed there in the last three decades.

Twenty-eight percent of Kagoshima green tea comes from the Yutaka Midori cultivar followed by smaller amounts from the Sae Midori and Asatsuyu.

Others include the Okumusashi, Kanaya Midori, Zairai, Asanoka, and Sakura Jima. Tea leaves from two or more of these cultivars are often blended to achieve the desired aroma and taste balance.


Our customers often comment to us about the light and refreshing taste of Kagoshima Green Teas along with the subtle and complex flavors of the various products. Strong, bitter and overpowering taste reports are unheard of.


All our suppliers are certified by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). This is important during a time when there is a considerable concern for food safety worldwide. To receive certification tea producers must comply with strict standards for cleanliness, safety, and good management practices.

QUALITY & SELECTION is the first and only English language business to offer a complete selection of high-quality green teas grown exclusively in Kagoshima Prefecture. Our products are sourced directly from the leading Kagoshima tea farmers and producers via our buying office located in Japan. Third-party distributors are never involved. Further, we work closely with our suppliers to keep quality standards consistently high. The products we ship to our customers meet high standards of excellence.