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SEKAI HOTEL: A Gateway to Fuse, a Local Shopping District in Osaka

If you want to experience daily life in Japan, visit Fuse, a local shopping district in eastern Osaka. This traditional merchant town is bustling with warmhearted residents.

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Hello, my name is Kume, the manager of SEKAI HOTEL. After traveling around the world to thirty five countries when I was a student, I realized that each country was different in its own way.

The history and art of each country I traveled to have been created by the local people over several centuries. They were all filled with warmth and had a deep appeal.

After returning to Japan, I found my home city, Osaka, bustling with visitors from abroad. While I was delighted to see that, I found that one of my favorite traditional shops had been turned into a drugstore.

Osaka is a gentrifying sightseeing destination and it might be attractive to tourists, but as a native, I felt the urge to introduce the charm of the unchanging shitamachi (working-class neighborhood) side of the city to international visitors. 


Our daily life may not be daily for someone else.

SEKAI HOTEL envisions the whole town of Fuse as a hotel full of original appeal. The town is dotted with the hotel’s guestrooms, restaurants, and bathing facilities.

The hotel is located in Fuse, Higashi-Osaka City. (SEKAI HOTEL Nishikujo, located in the Konohana Ward of Osaka, is currently closed.)

Once you check in at SEKAI HOTEL, you become a town resident. With a SEKAI PASS from the hotel, visitors can enjoy the special feeling of “living abroad.”


When asked about Osaka, most people may think of Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Universal Studios Japan (USJ), and Tsutenkaku Tower. But you’ll discover many other appealing points of Osaka in Fuse.

Fuse is located in the urban area of Higashi-Osaka, a fifteen-minute train ride to Namba and Dotonbori. It is also a thirty-minute train ride away from Nara Park.

Fuse is conveniently situated in an area connected through highway bus routes to Kyoto and Kansai Airport. SEKAI HOTEL Fuse is located in Miyako-machi Shotengai, a local shopping district, a four-minute walk from Fuse Station. The shopping district stretches from north to south, and intersects with the Kintetsu Nara Line, which connects Kyoto and Nara.

Fuse is a town with warmhearted people, built by merchants. The shopping street was built before WWII and is the largest of its kind in Higashi-Osaka. The district is filled with various businesses, from long-established shops to new stores targeting young residents. This town is the ideal place to experience the daily life of an Osaka resident, as the streets are bustling with the locals.

SEKAI HOTEL Fuse is a place where guests can feel the typical Osaka town up close, and spend their time here just like a native or resident of Fuse.

Many old buildings in the area have been renovated into guesthouses, with various types of rooms for groups and solo travelers.


Although I visited many famous sightseeing spots during my travels, the strongest memories I still have are those of my conversations with the local people.

When you look back on your trip, they may be the first thing that comes to your mind.

Meeting people while traveling can lead to special experiences, such as discovering local food that cannot be found at tourist spots, encountering local dialect, as well as the personality and customs of the local residents. Spending time in local communities became a precious experience for me.

Most of the local people I met claimed that they do not have anything to offer.

But the history, climate, art, and customs that developed over time surely have a special value.

By turning the whole town into a hotel, the staff at SEKAI HOTEL hope that our guests get the chance to feel the charm of the local community. 


In the shopping districts of Japan, the day starts with the sound of shutters opening.

Breakfast at a tea house frequented by local residents, famous for its mixed sandwiches...

Fruit and vegetable shops with colorful, seasonal products...

The aroma of fresh croquettes in the air...

Enjoying dinner and bar-hopping at traditional eateries in the shopping district...

Bathing at a sento (public bathhouse), and enjoying the aroma of firewood...

These are just some of the nostalgic scenes in Fuse.

School children running along the street, senior citizens heading to the public bathhouse, and local housewives greeting each other, usually with a joke or two.

We fell in love with Fuse and its residents, and opened SEKAI HOTEL in the shopping district so that the visitors can enjoy the whole town.


We started this crowdfunding project in order to support the shitamachi (working-class neighborhood) area of Osaka. We want to introduce the appeal of this area to visitors from abroad and to Japanese citizens.

There are seventeen associations formed by the various stores in the shopping district, supporting the residents. There are many small factories in the area, as well. In other words, Fuse is bustling with storekeepers and factory workers. The town offers something quite different from major sightseeing spots in Osaka.

But the appeals of Fuse still remain unknown to many international visitors who come to Osaka, as well as to many Japanese. Through crowdfunding, we hope to show the world how attractive this town is. By promoting SEKAI HOTEL Fuse, we try to promote the shopping district as well.

At SEKAI HOTEL, we want to introduce the daily Japanese lifestyle to visitors from abroad.


By staying at SEKAI HOTEL Fuse, you donate 200 yen from your room rate per night to the local community. The money is used for street cleaning, as well as for holding various workshops for children.

Social Good 200

200 yen from your room rate is donated to the local community and is used for educating the next generation.

Icoima is a workshop where children learn about foreign cultures and take English lessons. 

There are many small factories in Fuse. The photograph above shows a factory-themed renovation of a vacant store. Thanks to this design, visitors will be able to feel what kind of community Fuse is.


Guests can choose how their Social Good 200 donation gets used for the community. 


Visitors will be delighted to discover how stylish and friendly the residents of Fuse are by diving into their daily lives. 

You might notice that something extra was added to your order, or that a brief conversation may lead to a free drink.

Factory workers will not boast about their skills, even though their work cannot be done by  machines.

The liveliness of the shopping district and the skills of factory workers are all reflected in their stylish communication.

There is no Tsutenkaku Tower or Glico sign board in Fuse but only the daily lives of local citizens, in an authentic part of Osaka that was not designed to become a sightseeing destination. 


We suggest you explore the town by yourself at your own pace. Try making takoyaki, or cracking a joke like an Osaka native. You’ll get accustomed to the daily life in Fuse in no time.

The staff at SEKAI HOTEL help all the guests to get a taste of the daily lives of Fuse citizens.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, there are many ways to enjoy the town. Please support us, and do visit Fuse in the future. We will be waiting for you with open arms.