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Giving Japan's Vintage Kimonos a Second Life as Modern Fashion Apparel

Samurai ALOHA takes gorgeous vintage kimonos and reinterprets them as stylish and completely unique fashion items ideal for busy modern lifestyles such as aloha shirts, hoodies, neckties, and more.

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Hi, We're Samurai ALOHA!

Have you ever admired the beauty of traditional Japanese kimono fabric?

Unfortunately, these exquisite garments are not so practical for busy modern lifestyles. In fact, there are around 200 million kimonos in Japan that are no longer worn.

Based in Northeastern Japan, we collect vintage kimonos, carefully dismantle them, and use their fabric to create stylish modern items. So far, our lineup has included aloha shirts, hoodies, neckties, table runners, and even teddy bears.

Our artisans are local mothers who handle each garment with loving dedication. Their craft results in little treasures that combine the charm of ancient Japan with practicality for daily life. And, each item is entirely unique and one-of-a-kind.


What Makes Samurai ALOHA Special?  

  1. Made from Authentic Kimonos 
    We source vintage kimonos lying hidden and forgotten in closets and give them a new life. Although they are reborn as modern fashion items, the gorgeous fabric's quality and history do not change.
  2. Handmade by Artisan Mothers 
    Each of our creations is handmade with love by local mothers. We provide them with a flexible working arrangement to express themselves creatively without sacrificing precious time with their children.
  3. Everything Is One-Of-A-Kind 
    Each of our items is born from an authentic vintage kimono. This means the fabric, weave, colors, and designs are entirely unique. Purchase a Samurai ALOHA, and rest assured that nobody will ever wear one like yours. 



Aloha Shirts 

Did you know? Aloha shirts originated when Japanese immigrants to Hawaii took their beautiful silk kimonos and remade them into stylish shirts to fit their new modern lifestyles. 

"Aloha" is known as a warm word of greeting in Hawaii. In the local language, it expresses the intent of love, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Combining this spirit with traditional Japanese fabrics and designs created the iconic aloha shirt loved worldwide. 

Today, we carry forward this tradition from our base in Northeastern Japan. Our artisans are local mothers who carefully dismantle exquisite vintage kimonos, clean the fabric, and sew it into fashionable unisex aloha shirts. 

Ready for a stylish new look? Our authentic high-end aloha shirts feature fold-over stitching on the sides and center of the back. They can be worn as a single layer with the front buttons fastened or over a t-shirt. 

Choose your size from S, M, L, XL.


Hooded Sweatshirts 

Ready to upgrade your hoodie game? Featuring a modern unisex design and luxuriously comfortable material, each of our premium hoodies features a section of authentic vintage kimono fabric that is entirely unique. 

Our artisans are local mothers in Northeastern Japan who carefully dismantle exquisite vintage kimonos, lovingly clean the fabric, and select a section that will be ideal for your hoodie. You will never see one the same as yours — ever! 

Enjoy a slice of traditional Japanese elegance merged with a stylish premium hoodie that perfectly fits your busy modern lifestyle. 

Choose your size from S, M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L.



The right necktie can take your look to a whole new level. So, why not choose one that is as unique as you are? 

Our premium neckties are made from vintage silk kimono fabric. Each features an exquisite and entirely unique texture and design. Lovingly tailored by local mother artisans in Northeastern Japan, each shows a perfect match between traditional patterns and the modern necktie form. 

Expect to look sharp and get noticed! 


Table Runners 

Exclusively Available from Japan Tomorrow! 

Hand-made in Northeastern Japan with love by artisan mothers using beautiful vintage kimono belt fabric, these gorgeous table runners are reversible. Each side features a traditional Japanese design that is entirely unique. 

Add the perfect finishing touch to your dining room decor with an exquisite piece of art that will serve as the perfect conversation starter! 

Choose size from 100cm (39.4in), 160cm (63in), 220cm (86.6in), 280cm (110in).


Media & Event Features 

Japanese TV 

  • Beauty Spot (Bi no Tsubo) show by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
  • Sandwichman’s Making Angels Laugh (Tenshi no Tsukuri-la") show by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Dai-Ichi
  • Jaran Northeastern Japan (Jaran Tohoku) 2020–21 Complete Preservation Edition

Japanese Newspapers 

  • Northeastern Japan Newspaper (Kahoku Shimpo)
  • Japan Economics Newspaper (Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

International Events 

  • 2019 Paris Fashion Week
  • Amazon Fashion Week (2019, 2020, 2021) 



  • Excellence Prize, Business Plan Contest, Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Excellence Award, Mebuki Business Award
  • Excellence Award, Reconstruction Agency Business Awards
  • Corporate Excellence Award (Shiho-Yoshi), Sendai City
  • Winner, Northeastern Japan (Tohoku) Souvenir Contest 

Why Make Aloha Shirts from Kimono Fabric? 

Aloha shirts were born in the early 1900s. Japanese immigrants, seeking to adapt to their new environment, dismantled their kimonos and used the fabric to make beautiful silk shirts. Ideal for the tropical climate, they became known as "aloha shirts." Eventually, they became a part of Hawaiian and later global fashion culture. 

While renowned for their beauty and elegance, traditional Japanese kimonos are not well suited to busy modern lifestyles. Nowadays, most people only wear them on special occasions. In fact, it is said that there are now around 200 million kimonos hidden away in closets across Japan. 

Based in Northeastern Japan, our team sources these vintage kimonos. Our artisans, who are local mothers, lovingly rework them into aloha shirts, thereby giving them a second life. 

In 2010, Northeastern Japan suffered a great earthquake and tsunami. The way they bravely endured the disaster and diligently worked to rebuild their communities was a great demonstration that the samurai spirit remains alive and well in modern Japan. 

Thus, we named our brand "Samurai ALOHA" to pay homage to these great heroes. 

Samurai ALOHA’s innovative products have been featured in various media and continue to attract a growing global community of loyal fans of all ages and walks of life. 


Why Do Mothers Make Them? 

It is difficult for mothers with small children to balance work and childcare. Samurai ALOHA trains and provides local mothers in Northeastern Japan with a flexible working arrangement free of quotas. 

In addition to their incredible skill, diligence, and attention to detail, each of our artisan mothers uses her own unique sense of style to perfectly arrange patterns and colors. 


How to Order Your Very Own Samurai Aloha

1. Choose your favorite color and place your order. 

  • Blue
  • White(Just for Aloha Shirts and Table Runners)
  • Red
  • Yellow(Just for Aloha Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts and Table Runners)
  • Green

2.  Our team will review our inventory of beautiful vintage kimonos and select one that matches your color preference. After carefully dismantling it, our mother artisans will clean the fabric, pick the perfect section, and lovingly hand-sew it on the hoodie back. 

3. We’ll ship it directly to your doorstep and you will receive your very own unique Samurai ALOHA. Enjoy it!  

4. If you’re up for it, feel free to share your purchase with our community on Instagram using the #samuraialoha hashtag! After all, you’re part of the gang now! 

Authenticity & Uniqueness Guaranteed 

Each Samurai ALOHA item is made from an authentic vintage kimono. The same fabric may also be used for hoodies, neckties, and table runners. However, the pattern's placement is different for each, and thus no two are the same. Get your very own Samurai ALOHA — as special and unique as you!