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Glassware With Adorable Designs That Change with Heat or Cold!

Mino, our home region, boasts a 1300-year history of ceramic production. We've used traditional Mino pottery techniques to create glassware with designs that are revealed by changing temperatures!

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SAKURA Magic Sake Cups: Tasteful Pieces That Change Color    

Masaharu Takagi, the president of MARUMO TAKAGI Mino Wares, contemplated the beauty of Japan from an international perspective and wondered what symbolizes Japan around the world. After careful consideration, he concluded that it must be sakura, or cherry blossoms.

Seeking to design an innovative product that brings out this symbol of Japan when paired with a distinctly Japanese beverage, we created the SAKURA Magic Sake Cup Series. 

We also wanted to convey the beauty of fall, summer, and winter in Japan. This led to other series with motifs representing each season.


Cherry Blossoms & Mt. Fuji Rock Glasses

When you pour a cold drink (below 17°C) into the glass, the cherry blossoms take on a pink color, and at room temperature, the original design reappears.

MARUMO TAKAGI’s skilled craftsmen carefully hand make each glass—from the glassblowing all the way to the final finishing process. The color of your drink is reflected on the surface of the mountain, so you can enjoy looking at Mt. Fuji’s many faces.

While recalling the view of cherry blossoms fluttering in the wind near Mt. Fuji, you'll be able to spend some soothing time that gives you a sense of Japan. You can also bask in the spring season’s excellent hospitality. 

Product Details

  • Each glass comes packed in a wooden box
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: 92 mm (diameter) x 95 mm (height)
  • Volume: 270 ml


Shun Japan Mt. Fuji Magic: 2 Piece Set

In 2013, Mt. Fuji was designated a World Cultural Heritage Site. The image of this iconic mountain changes color when a cold drink (below 17°C) is poured into the glass, and at room temperature, the original design reappears.

This masterpiece truly displays the beauty of Japan. It also makes an ideal gift for any occasion!

Product Details

  • Comes in a gift box (For a limited number of customers only).
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: 62 mm (diameter) x 103 mm (height)
  • Volume: 325 cc


Milk Smile Magic: Dog & Cat, 2 Piece Set

In addition to products that showcase Japan’s seasonal scenery, we developed a fun product called Milk Bottle. Our concept was to create a container that would bring smiles to the faces of children, and a bottle that would encourage everyone to enjoy drinking milk. This product makes breakfast an enjoyable and fun time of day!

After we announced the sale of Penguin and Panda Milk Bottles, a flood of other requests came pouring in. Our customers wanted us to increase the number of animals in our milk bottle series, and specifically requested that we include popular pets such as dogs and cats. So, to meet the needs of our customers, we recently introduced the Dog & Cat Milk Bottles.

Upon contact with cold temperatures, a special color pigment changes from white to black. The milk’s white color forms a contrasting backdrop. The technology and design that went into these products have received high praise from our customers.

Product Details

  • A set includes two bottles.
  • Size: about 14 cm x 5.8 cm
  • Volume: 200 cc
  • Material: Glass


Color & Design Change Cat Mug, 3 Piece Set

Cats are very popular pets. We have just announced our Color & Design Change Cat Mug, a series that will impress you with its unique feline design. 

  • On the brown-colored mug, a cat is playing with a ball of wool.
  • On the matte white mug, a cat is patiently waiting for you.
  • On the matte grey mug, there’s a cat roaming around looking for you!

In the first picture, the cups are at room temperature and feature black-colored cats.

But when hot drinks are poured into the cups...

...the colors of the cats gradually change!

This Japanese-style designーfeaturing exquisite kimono patternsーis popular in Japan and abroad! 


Product Details

  • Each 3-piece set includes a grey, white, and caramel (brown) glazed cup.
  • Size: About 9.4 cm (diameter) x 8.4 cm (height)
  • Volume: About 300 ml
  • Each cup comes packed in its own box.


Higashi Mino: A Ceramic Producing Town With a Long History

The Higashi Mino area is located in the southeast region of Gifu and is a major production area for ceramics and porcelain.

The ceramic production and culture rooted in this area boast a 1300-year history. In addition to the culture and technology that’s been passed down through the ages, Mino ware also has artistry and diversity that captured the modern imagination. 

The Higashi Mino area is home to a long lineage of ceramicists who are prepared to take on future challenges and designs!

The end result is the local area’s potential for an even brighter and more promising future. This is the culmination of our region, environment, and world; the thoughts and aspirations of the people living here all coming together—with ceramics as a central pillar. 

As they unite and form a common base, this platform for change becomes stronger and more ready to face new challenges for the future.

The area was given a new name, Ceramic Valley, and Taku Sato serves as the creative director for the Ceramic Valley Project. This region is trying to turn a page in the first chapter of their new history!


Skilled Craftsmanship and Innovative Ideas

In our factory, plaster is pressure molded. Then, the material is softened by hand so that it can be easily extracted. This is the first step of the casting process. 

Next, the craftsmen perform “biscuit firing,” which is the first firing of ceramic before it’s glazed. This is followed up by “uwagusuri,” a glazing process that colors the piece. The ceramic then reaches the last stage, where it undergoes the final glazing.

However, these pieces are not quite finished. In order to add colorful decorations, several hand painting techniques are employed, making the finished product even more spectacular.

The SAKURA Magic Series, and other changes to our production techniques, came as a result of our customer-first philosophy. We always strive to identify our customers’ needs and create the perfect product to meet them.

MARUMO TAKAGI’s Vision: Making Ceramics That Decorate and Beautify the World!

MARUMO TAKAGI Mino Wares was founded in 1887. The company was built in Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture and has a 134-year history. Now, fifth-generation Masaharu Takagi serves as company president.

Previously, our company served as a wholesaler of commercial tableware. 

Since then, it has evolved into a company that includes a hand painting studio where craftsmen give products added value, and also a gallery where customers can see commercial tableware on display.

At MARUMO TAKAGI, we strive to train young people into talented craftsmen, in order to spread the word about Mino Ware ceramics to the rest of the world. This idea, in combination with product appeal, has taken shape in the form of a new brand called shun japan.

All members of MARUMO TAKAGI have joined forces to take on this endeavor. By conducting business and holding exhibits in the United States, the Middle East, China, and other Asian countries, we’ve been able to help raise the quality of made-in-Japan products as a whole.

Our company vision is “Making Ceramics That Decorate and Beautify the World!”

In 1970, we delivered some 10,000 pieces of tableware to the Imperial Household Agency, for guests who were attending two special events. One was the emperor’s enthronement ceremony and another was daijosai, a ceremony in which the emperor gives thanks for peace and a good harvest to mark the first year of his reign. 

Japan’s Largest Tableware Showroom - restricted to chefs and food industry-related people.

Utsuwa Store Takagi - A retail shop also located in Ichinokura (Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture).


Closing Words

In 2020, we conducted product development with the theme “Let’s Enjoy Japan’s Four Seasons.” 

During this period, we managed to create many fine pieces. With our desire to use our works of art to inspire smiles in all of our customers, we created a design featuring Japan’s proud symbol, Mt. Fuji. 

We also introduced a full lineup of cups and bottles that reflect the love and affection of cute pets, and many other products as well.

Our tableware will always continue to develop and evolve; our next goal is to use materials and textures to create a sense of cross-cultural awareness and enjoyment for our customers.