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Rise Above the Pandemic! The Save Owl Café Akiba Fukurou Project

We are a husband and wife duo that dearly loves owls and, to express their magnificence, we have welcomed guests from around the world since opening our café in 2014. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, inbound tourism has halted and it is also difficult for domestic guests to visit. Nevertheless, we want to teach people about the value and magnificence of life through Akiba Fukurou! Please help us!

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Introduction and Greetings

Owl Café Akiba Fukurou Tokyo

Nice to meet you! I’m Yabe, the owner of Akiba Fukurou.

My husband and I are the duo behind Akiba Fukurou, which we opened in Akihabara, Tokyo in 2014 to advocate for living a more fulfilling life through interactions with owls.


What is Akiba Fukurou?

Akiba Fukurou is an owl café in Akihabara, Tokyo that is home to 36 owls, the largest number found at a café in Japan.

* Owl Profiles

We are a café where people spend time interacting compassionately with owls and each other.


Why an Owl Cafe?

Establishing Akiba Fukurou was our dream as a married couple.

We have always loved owls and raised several owls at home. We have always had owls as a part of our family.

One owl became two, then three, and we started wishing we had more time to take care of our owls. We thought, “well, we should open an owl café, so we can work and take good care of our owls at the same time!” As a result, we founded Akiba Fukurou on August 8, 2014.

(The owls at Akiba Fukurou)
(left) Sweet Potato, Spotted Owlet (right) Mr. Yoshinori, Indian Scops Owl


The Essence of Zen: the Heart and Soul of Japan

Our wish and aim is for guests to experience the value and magnificence of life with all five senses and make precious memories together with our owls in an elegant space.

This is similar to the idea of meditation in Zen.


Highest Priority Given to Taking Care of Our Owls

Owl care has been our highest priority from the very start. As such, we run our café in a way that limits the number of people. We require reservations and have short business hours.

Various types of animal cafes exist in Japan. Unfortunately, some of these cafes treat animals as commodities.

Owl cafes are not an exception. Poor rearing environment was also a significant issue in the past.

It’s extremely difficult to raise an owl. Owners that run animal cafés while not understanding how to take care of their animals often causes poor environments.

In the last six years since opening, Akiba Fukurou has not once lost a single owl’s life, and all of our owls are in good health. This is very rare for a place that owns multiple birds of prey.

The most important aspect of animal care is creating an appropriate domestic living routine.

When an appropriate routine is made for the owls’ home, handling, feeding time and amount, and release, the owls themselves will anticipate their daily cycle. This helps them remain mentally secure and mild-mannered.

Animal care is not a job to be entrusted to an employee or part-timer. It is important for us, as owners, to look after our owls every day.

We live together as a family 365 days a year.


Initiatives for Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is, to put it briefly, when “an animal is sufficiently healthy both mentally and physically, happy, and in harmony with their environment.”

A pet is a member of society.

Owls, like humans, are gifted with hearts that wish for a sense of security by having their basic needs be met.

We respect that animal spirit, have a deep understanding of every owl species and their ecology, and value the notion of animal welfare, a critical part of ethology.

We should not only passionately love animals, but also strive to deepen our understanding of the many creatures that coexist on our Earth. We believe that the most desirable relationship for humans and animals is to avoid excessive interference and maintain a complementary relationship.


Award History

This philosophy has been well-received and thus far we have welcomed 100,000 guests from over 90 countries. We have thousands of online reviews thanks to their support.

・ TripAdvisor: 3683 reviews
・Google Maps: 3931 reviews

* Current as of October 2020

On TripAdvisor, the café was awarded Travelers’ Choice—the highest honor.

We were also selected as first place in Japan for “Top Activities and Tours by International Travelers” in 2019 and 2020 for two years in a row.

Top 30 Activities and Tours in Japan by International Travelers 2020 (1st Place)
Top 30 Activities and Tours in Japan by International Travelers 2019 (1st Place)
Top 30 Activities and Tours in Japan by International Travelers 2018 (2nd Place)
Top 30 Attractions in Japan by International Travelers 2017 (2nd Place)
TripAdvisor Best Attraction by Foreign Travelers Ranking 2016 (8th Place)

We've been featured in MATCHA Japan Travel Magazine before! 
Perch An Owl On Your Shoulder At The Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe!

It is thanks to the support of our guests and fans from all over the world that we were able to celebrate our sixth anniversary together. Please allow us this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to everyone.  


A Harsh Situation: 5 Million Yen Annually in Food Expenses

However, we no longer have guests from overseas and visits from domestic guests have tapered to next to nothing due to COVID-19. Our revenue has dramatically decreased.

Despite not having sales, we had the ability to make payments for expenses such as our owls’ rearing expenses, rent, and utility bills for half a year. Unfortunately, with no sign of the pandemic coming to an end, it has become extremely difficult to continue running the cafe itself in this state.

Our 36 healthy owls eat hearty meals every day, even when we have no guests. That is a very joyful thing in itself, but the expenses for their food alone costs approximately 5 million yen annually.

Of course, we cannot maintain the owls’ everyday lifestyle with food expenses alone. Our expenses also include rent, electricity, and water bills. The owls may sometimes get sick or injured, so medical and treatment fees are also necessary. There are numerous expenses that guests don’t see and maintaining the owls’ lifestyle alone comes out to over 1 million yen every month.


We Want to Protect the Owls!

We have received many sweet messages from guests around the world during times that were incredibly stressful, when we were about to lose hope. “I want Akiba Fukurou to stay open!” We’ve truly realized how much Akiba Fukurou has been loved by everyone.

Our feelings for our owls won’t change!

Even in this situation, we will do everything it takes to protect the owls we have raised like our own children since they were babies.

We wish to be a café where you can have a wonderful experience once the world returns to normal.

We strongly believe so.


The Setting Made by Owl Café Akiba Fukurou

We would like guests to interact with our lovely owls and their adorable charms, heal from the daily fatigue in their mind and body, and have a happy time at our cafe.

We aim to create a space where owls and people can spend time comfortably with mutual respect.


Akiba Fukurou’s Specialty

We are not a “café that just has owls,” but rather hope to give everyone a taste of the marvelous and extraordinary. I previously worked as a wedding planner-cum-photographer.

I believed that I would be able to create the world’s most wondrous space by combining the skills I cultivated in the wedding field, the music of Mozart, and chandeliers. We run the café with the heartfelt wish that all our guests can spend a cozy time in a place that is out of the ordinary.

Our day at Akiba Fukurou starts with four hours of cleaning. We thoroughly observe temperature control, nutritional management, health condition, and hygiene so that both the owls and guests can relax together in an immaculate space.

Akiba Fukurou Owls (left) Mr. Yamashita (right) Snowman

The background music played in the café is classical music, which is soothing to both human and owl ears. Guests can enjoy passing time to themes that tell stories with each musical piece, a white interior that lightens the heart, and beautiful chandeliers.


Original Fukurou Goods

We have developed original owl goods modeled after the Akiba Fukurou owls. Customers can enjoy our café by browsing through the large selection on our online shop.


Owl Childhood Friends, they were babies when the café opened.


Use of Funds

  • 20% in Japan Tomorrow commission fees
  • Food expenses for our 36 owls
  • Miscellaneous expenses necessary for owl care (potty pads, medical fees required for health exams, etc.)
  • Store rent
  • Utility bills


Reward Details

When donating, you have a choice of five types: Donation Type, Café Visit Type, Digital Delivery Type, Mail Delivery Type, and Online Livestream Type.
* Original goods can be shipped internationally.

  • ¥3,000 ~ (Donation Type) Food Aid
    Ultra high-definition digital owl photo, thank you email
  • ¥5,000 (Café Visit Type) Future Café Ticket
    Café ticket (2 people), 5 original postcards, thank you email
  • ¥6,000 (Mail Delivery Type) Owl Fortune-telling
    Owl Fortune
    Ultra high-definition digital owl photo
    Owls will assist in telling your fortune

We will request your name and birthdate beforehand to perform fortune telling by name and create a detailed expert report.

This report will be an Akiba Fukurou original and will come attached with an owl feather—a symbol of wisdom and good fortune. We will send spiritual power and good luck through this feather.

We will also send a photo of one of our owls with your report.

[Fortune Teller Introduction] Noel Mika
A member of the Japan Astrology and New Age Science Association.

She has been in this career for 20 years in the pursuit of truth in authentic fortune telling and the spiritual world. She has devoted her attention to the worries and problems of her extensive clientele and gives advice that can lead clients to a better fortune.

Fortune-telling practices: fortune telling by name, palm reading, tarot cards, horoscopy, divination by the “Book of Changes,” directionology, astrology, house divination, and dream divination

  • ¥10,000 (Mail Delivery Type) Fun Owl Goods Set
    Made in Japan hand towel, 2021 desktop calendar, face mask, stickers, keychain, magnet, and pin badge (57mm)
    5 postcards, pin badge (38mm), and thank you email
  • ¥10,000 (Digital Delivery Type) Surprise Video Greeting Message from our Owls
    Experience our owl café by livestream (30 minutes)
    Introduction to our owls
    *Japanese only. Includes an owl feeding experience

If you’re overseas, please allow us to help set up your livestream experience.

  • ¥5,000 (Online Livestream Type) Online Owl Café Experience (+feeding)
    Experience our owl café by livestream (15 minutes)
    Introduction to our owls
    *Japanese only. Includes an owl feeding experience
  • ¥25,000 (Café Visit Type) Private 1-hour Owl Party with Professional Photographer
    Completely reserve Akiba Fukurou for 1 hour
    Professional photography with digital delivery of 10 ultra high quality commemorative photos
    Maximum party of 8
  • ¥50,000 (Café Visit Type) Private 3-hour Owl Party with Professional Photographer
    Completely reserve Akiba Fukurou for 3 hours
    Professional photography with digital delivery of 30 ultra high quality commemorative photos
    Maximum party of 8


Funding Schedule

■ Start Date for Funding Period

・ 11 09, 2020 00:00~

■ Funding Deadline

・ 1 09, 2021 ~23:59

Sweet Potato (Spotted Owlet)

Final Thoughts

Thank you for viewing Akiba Fukurou’s project out of the many projects launched on this service.

We will never give up, even if we’re struggling! It is with this conviction that we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign.

I hope that someday soon we and our owls will be able to welcome guests again, with flawless preparation.

Once things have settled down, we would appreciate it if you could come to see the owls!