Privacy Policy

MATCHA, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Our Company” or “We”) will manage the personal information obtained from all users (hereafter referred to as the “User”) of Japan Tomorrow, a rewards-based crowdfunding service (hereafter referred to as this “Service”), in accordance with the policy listed below.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

Upon the provision of this Service, Our Company will collect the personal information listed below.

1. When Users register for this Service

2. When this Service is used to purchase a product.

3. In addition to the information listed above, We also collect information from registration forms that have been filled out by Users.

2. Purpose of Using Private Information

We will use the personal information from Users of this Service in accordance with the objectives listed below:

1. For the purposes of offering and delivering products or services, for payment of the

product, and for communicating on project-related matters and responding to inquiries related to the project.

2. In addition to the above, for the purposes of providing this Service.

3. Disclosing Personal Information to Other Parties

1. Disclosing Personal Information to the Seller

1a) Our Company will provide the seller with the purchaser’s following information. However, this information will not be provided in the event the project is not successful.

1b) The purchaser’s information listed above (1a) will be used as follows. However, if the seller uses the information in accordance with objective (ii), the purchaser can withdraw their consent for having their personal information disclosed.

(i) For the purposes of implementing the project. For example, for offering and delivering products or services, or for communicating on project-related matters or responding to inquiries.

(ii) For the purposes of introducing and promoting the seller’s product or service using pamphlets, surveys and other methods, via postal service or by email.

2. Disclosing Personal Information to Third Party Service Providers

We also enlist the help of third-party service providers (listed below) to manage personal information that We have collected. These companies are under legal contract to ensure that they handle this personal information in a safe and proper manner. Our company obliges the subcontractors to observe the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) and the relevant laws and regulations of EU and to handle the private information of the users by taking into account the privacy of the users. We only disclose the required personal information.

(i) Relic, Inc. (Manages this Service)

(ii) Stripe, Inc. (Handles debit and credit card payments)

4. Transfer of private information to outside the EU region

In order to achieve the above purpose of use, our company may transfer the user's private information to countries outside the EU, including Japan, and handle them. In countries outside the EU, as with GDPR, data-based rights may not be accepted by laws and regulations, but in order to guarantee that we can secure adequate measures concerning the protection of users' private information, our company will take measures such as concluding standard contract clauses based on the GDPR principle on the private information of users.

5. About cookies

We may use cookies and web beacons to provide better services to users using this service. Cookies and web beacons will not violate the user's privacy or usage environment and we will never disclose private information in a state that is identifiable individually for users who accessed in any case.

1. About cookies

Cookie is a mechanism for Web site providers to temporarily record data on the user's computer through a Web browser. The cookie can record the information on the user, the date and time of the last visit to the site, the total number of visits to the site, and it is used for services such as identification of the site users, user authentication system, customization of services by WWW for each user.

2. About use of cookie as IR information

We may disclose statistical data such as the number of users and page view number measured using cookie as IR information regarding the use of this service by the users.

3. Stopping targeted ads

Our company utilizes the targeting advertisement service provided by third parties for the purpose of grasping the use situation of this service by users. For this purpose, we utilize cookies provided by the following companies. If you would like to know more about the use of cookie, information acquired by cookie, opt-out procedure in detail, and if we would like to opt-out of targeted advertisement we deliver, please visit the following websites of each company for confirmation.

Also, you can turn off advertising display based on on-line hobbies / interests by way of: in the United States, Digital Advertising Alliance; in Canada, Canadian Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada; and in Europe, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance, or by using mobile device settings. The use of ad blocks or tools that restrict the use of cookies may affect the functionality of these ad management options.

4. About Managing Data Sharing from Cookies

If you do not wish to comply with our use of cookies, adjust your settings on the device you use to access our site to not accept cookies. By not accepting cookies, you will not be able to access certain features on our website and services. Please be aware that this may negatively affect your experience.

6. Inquiries

For questions on a User’s personal information (protected under Japanese law), please contact us at our inquiries desk. Please contact the seller directly regarding the handling of personal information by the seller.

7. Other

Our Company reserves the right to make revisions to all or part of the above-stated policy. When important changes are made they will be posted on our website.