Japan Tomorrow Crowdfunding by MATCHA
Japan Tomorrow Crowdfunding by MATCHA

Love Can Cross
the Oceans

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About Japan Tomorrow

The coronavirus spread has separated us and prevents us from traveling from one part of the world to another. Nevertheless, at MATCHA, we keep receiving messages from people located all around the globe, saying that they can't wait to go on future trips to Japan.

For the next time you are traveling around Japan, we want you to enjoy a journey that goes beyond all expectations, and to experience authentic Japanese culture and traditions.

We think that NOW is the best time to bring to light the original cultures and charms of Japan that may be sleeping, still unknown to the world. We hope that these valuable cultures will be passed on the next generations and remain through the times to come.

MATCHA launches Japan Tomorrow, a project to help connect those who want to travel and experience Japan to the people here who are excited to welcome them.

It might be challenging to travel to Japan for a while. However, we believe that our thoughts and love can cross oceans.

How does Japan Tomorrow work?
How does Japan Tomorrow work?
Crowdfunding is a service in which you can offer support for a project and receive rewards, services, and other benefits in return. You may also have the chance to enjoy special activities during a future Japan trip.

There are various types of crowdfunding, such as rewards-based and donation-based. Japan Tomorrow is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform.

What kind of projects can I support?

cultural experiences

Disaster relief

Collaborations between Japan and other countries

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Project Types

All or Nothing
The project ends successfully and raised funds can be used only if the financial goal is achieved.
Keep it All
The project owner can use the funds that were raised by the deadline even if the financial goal was not achieved.

How to Support

Find a project that you are interested in.
Create an account to start offering your support.
Make your pledge payment (credit card accepted).
Receive your reward from the project owner.

We hope that supporting these projects will make you feel more connected to Japan and its culture. When you visit the areas of the project/s you contributed to, you will see the difference your involvement has made.

We hope you have a wonderful experience the next time you are traveling around Japan.

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